Charles Rupert


Hearing the call of the God at age 13, Charles surrendered his heart and has spent a lifetime walking with the Lord. Ordained as a pastor at the age of 28, he has mentored hundreds of men and women from all walks of life. Through the years, he has served in numerous capacities for multiple ministries. His desire is to bring healing and restoration to the sick and the broken hearted; to bring deliverance to the captives, and freedom to those bound and lost in an identity crisis. Through personal ministry, anointed teachings, and gifted writing, Charles is used prophetically to present biblical truth to individuals who need to know that God loves them and has a plan for their life. Ultimately, he desires to bring them to a place of maturity and into the understanding of Kingdom sonship through Jesus Christ. Uniquely anointed for both ministry and business, Charles is educated and experienced in accounting, financial business management, tax preparation, and real estate. He serves the community and region of western Pennsylvania as an independent, licensed Real Estate Agent through ReMax Real Estate Specialist under Richard Gallo, Broker. Charles also serves as a professional Financial Consultant for Robert Half and Associates within the Pennsylvania and Ohio region. His education credentials include a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management through Point Park University in Pittsburgh, and a Master of Science Degree in Accounting and Finance through Strayer University in Herndon, Virginia Charles currently serves as an ordained Pastor and Elder, along with his wife, on the leadership team of Jubilee Ministries International City Church, New Castle, PA. Charles has lived in New Castle with his wife Linda, and their son Joshua, since 2008. They have three daughters, one son, one son in law, and two grandsons.

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