Kimberly Wise


Being motivated and driven by a passion to see the hearts and minds of peopleenlightened and lives changed Kimberly Wise has given her self to alleviating suffering and empowering individuals, groups and communities to be able to make the most of their own talents and resources for the good of all involved. Kimberly is a highly experienced professional with a strong record of increased responsibility. Her years in serving the public have given her an uncanny ability to be comfortable in interacting with all levels of an organization and the public. She is known among her peers to be an effective problem solver and is able to adapt to new situations. Her career has been marked by her desire for continuous personal growth and a commitment to quality and excellence in everything she endeavors to accomplish. With over 20 years in public service, Kimberly Wise has a diverse background ranging from banking and retail management to providing protective services for children and older adults. She currently serves as the Director of Admissions and Social Services for a regional healthcare organization. Throughout her career, she has committed herself to getting the job done while remaining focused on impacting the lives of those she comes in contact with on a daily basis. Kimberly earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from Slippery Rock University and pursued her Master of Social Work through the University of Pittsburgh and her Master of Science in Leadership with a specialization in community organizing through Duquesne University. She has worked for Bank of America as a Financial Center Manager with series 6 and series 7 training before pursuing her passion for Social Work. As a social worker Kimberly has worked for Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Lawrence County Community Action Partnership, Lawrence County Area Agency on Aging and served on several boards and organizations within her community that are dedicated to improving the lives of those in her city. Kimberly is a wife to Thomas J. Wise, the mother of 4 beautiful children she often refers to as her greatest accomplishment, 1 son in law, 1 daughter in law and 8 amazing grandchildren. If there is one statement that Kimberly would coin as to how she lives her life, it is one she has garnered from her Pastor- “Your faith is measured by what can stop you”.

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