Membership Application

Membership Application must be approved before purchasing a membership.

Benefits of Becoming a CCCWP Member

  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Discounted admission to bi-monthly business breakfast
  • Discounts for all chamber leadership and business conferences
  • Free admission to all wealth think tank round tables
  • Access to groupme daily inspirational quotes
  • Your spouse is granted access to online material as well.

Our CCCWP Membership allows you access to our digital online material and many other services.

Membership TypeCost
Professional Membership (includes Spouse)$20/Month, $240/year
Business Owner Membership (includes Spouse)$20/Month, $240/year
Pastor Membership (includes Spouse)$10/Month, $120/year
Young Professional Membership (30 yrs old and under, includes Spouse)$10/Month, $120/year
Teen EntrepreneurFREE

How Does Membership Registration Process Work

  1. Fill out the registration application for your desired membership plan.  (You will need to be ENDORSED by a current member of CCCWP.  If/when you have endorsement of a current CCCWP member, fill out application and supply the endorsing members NAME,  under the endorsement area of the application.)
  2. After completing the application, we will contact your ENDORSING MEMBER to validate their endorsement.  (This can take a few days).
  3. If your endorsement is verified, we will redirect you to the membership subscription purchase page on your next login, after verification.
  4. After purchase of membership subscription plan, you will be granted full access to the content on our site and benefits for our CCCWP events.

You MUST complete the following application before purchasing your CCCWP subscription/membership.


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