Wealth Creation In The Marketplace

The prophets of old declared there would be a people who would turn their  plowshares into swords. Plowshares were working tools. The Lord in this hour will use businesses to change the landscapes of cities. The Kingdom of God is after cities. Every city has a destiny and great redemptive value. Raising up Kingdom men and women and sending them into the marketplace becomes a lethal weapon in the hands of God. The marketplace mandate on the body of Christ is a powerful calling. Only 2% of the body of Christ is called to ecclesiastical ministry, while 98% of believers are in the marketplace. As marketplace leaders we are on assignment to subdue mammon. The Apostle James said the rich have heaped up treasures for the last days. Therefore, the world is facilitating riches until Kingdom men and women are prepared to handle it. Wealth creation is not magical nor is it a Kingdom lottery, but it is a precise application of patterns and principles that produce a certain result. Deuteronomy 8:18 tells us that the Lord gives us power to get wealth. It does not say He gives us wealth, but the power to create it. Innate in every believer is the power to create wealth. What is this power? It is vision, skill, wisdom, innovation, stewardship, creativity, networks, excellence, anointing, etc. The scriptures are filled with Kingdom trading and investing principles. As the leadership team of CCCWP, it is our endeavor to empower, equip and train marketplace ministers to become faithful men and women who will facilitate Kingdom resources that will transform our world.

As Kingdom reformers, we are empowered to move in the spirit of generosity. With the spirit of generosity, you qualify to be a custodian of wealth. It is impossible to have the nature of God and not be generous. As we sell out to greed and buy into the Kingdom, we will be conduits for wealth transfer. We believe at CCCWP that God is moving a people in the marketplace from being importers of wealth to exporters of wealth. The spiritual matrix of CCCWP will empower its members to succeed. Wealth builders succeed in the right network. Jesus had his 12, Gideon his 300, David had 400 mighty men and Abraham’s team consisted of 318. The right team gives birth to the right dream. At CCCWP we are committed to the success of our members and will empower them to create wealth to fulfill their destiny in Christ.

Dr. Mark Kauffman

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